Hi! I am Abegail and I own this blog. Yes, this is not an abandoned blog. I still run this, it’s just that my studies took away my summer vacation and they included my blogging habits.

I have a lot of things to say but as I’ve said, I’m not on the right mind. So I might need the helping hand of my bullet friends to summarize the things that I want to say to my readers (if there’s any)

Well if you’re reading this, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR NOT HAVING ANYTHING TO DO AND DECIDING TO BLOGHOP OR SOMETHING and thanks fate for bringing you here in the lost and unread. Okay, so let’s start?

  • Thank you for proceeding.
  • Thank you for leaving a comment.
  • Thank you for leaving a sweet message in my little Shoutmix chat thingy.
  • Thank you for even deciding to visit my blog.
  • Thank you for clicking the my links in any of my very own lovely affiliates.
  • Sorry if this blog disappointed you.
  • Sorry if when you visited twice (or more (which is most likely never going to happen)) and saw no new post.

Here’s why,

I’m an incoming fourth year Civil Engineering student, as I’ve always bragged about, and I am now undergoing a training which is required in our curriculum so I cannot just leave it and savour my summer vacation. I worked as an OJT at Eastwood City before but I am not satisfied with what was happening with me there. I don’t feel that I am learning. Yes, I get to wander around an on-going construction project but the supervision is poor. If they can read this, I am not sorry for saying this. I can even come to work anytime I want and do nothing all day. Though it doesn’t happen everyday, I still want a company that can train me well. I don’t demand for full attention but a little would help. And so I decided to transfer to another company and to my surprise it was the exact opposite. I’m not designated on site, I do office works — a lot of office works and I’m enjoying it (i think?). I have to enjoy it though, I’m paid! 🙂 And this company is currently working on a large project that’s why 14 OJT’s are a big help to them. There’s not a windy day. Everyday is hectic and full of papers, purchasing of materials and AutoCAD revisions. Everyday I work overtime but I can’t complain, I know they need us. And so a blog is crying alone because her owner can’t update her anymore. I’ve never touched Photoshop for a long time too. I’m more on MS Excel and phone calls. But believe me, I always have MS Word open just in case an idea suddenly pops out of my busy mind (LOL on that busy mind) yet, whenever I have ideas, it’s always on the most inappropriate situation and later on vanishes.

I’m not an effective writer.

That’s all. Thank you.

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One thought on “Yo!

  1. libre mo ko? 😀 para saken ba ung post, hahaha may message ako sa tagboard mo na yo! eh. text tayo minsan pag di kana busy girl ah :> hihihihihihi sorry pag masunget ako ah, meron eh. ingat lagi abeng!!! libre moko nian hahaha:> ano kaya pag nagOJT ako hmmm :)))

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