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November 25, 2011

Just recently on our way home,  Bea and I stumbled upon an old friend whom I admire so much. He is working at a big time hardware at a big time mall in Mandaluyong. I say I admire him so much because like other kids in this country,  our friend, at a young age had already been to so many obstacles in life. From being unfortunate when it comes to wealth, he also is deprived of the freedom that he is ought to be experiencing. The freedom thingy might be puzzling but to get straight to the point, he is gay. And as the cliche goes, his sexual preference is not that easily accepted in our society even in his own household.

After a series of short chitchats, our topic landed on his upcoming “end of contract” in his current job. Bea and I got bothered because we thought that he’ll be regular in that job just as he thought also but as he shared to us the reason why, tiny chills crawled up my spine. He said that according to the management, they’ll have to end his contract because he’s gay. That reason is just so unreasonable not to mention that they’re even thinking that having a gay employee might embarrass their company. This is just so…unfair!

For a straight person, it is already hard to find a job in this country then these inconsiderate people are making it harder for the ones who chose to have a different sexual preference.

There’s still a big “WHY” in my head. If he hasn’t done anything wrong or any major failure for that company other than being the person that he chooses to be, then why not let him stay? He doesn’t even look gay and I believe, he is the most hardworking gay in the world. He has worked as many occupations as anyone can imagine an he is only 20 years old for crying out loud and he even does whatever the real guys do. He carries large things, delivers it to the costumer’s cars just as the straight employees do. Why can’t other people see those who really are in need instead of focusing in pleasing every costumer who doesn’t even care about them?

If only I can do anything to find him a new job. We suggested him to try applying as a call center agent, at least people like him are very welcome there. I wish he finds a new job after his contract with that insensitive management ends.

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  1. This is sad. 🙁 Just because he’s gay, kelangan na agad tanggalin from work? He shouldn’t feel super low. Maraming opportunities pa for him.

  2. Are you pointing out the the reason why his contract ahs ended was because he’s gay? Is that the real reason, or it’s just how you think? I know some people who are gay, but still works in malls. Maybe there are other reasons. It’s too inhumane if it’s because of his gender.

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