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World Savings Day 2021: Ways to start or improve your savings

World Savings Day usually falls on the 30th of October and has since been observed by actively encouraging more people to start saving. While Halloween gets majority of the attention during this timeframe, savings banks would work with schools, corporations and/or different associations in spreading the idea and importance of saving. Steadily, the practice has grown since its first establishment way back 1934 during the 1st International Savings Bank Congress.

Not gonna lie, I just knew about World Savings Day through the recent webinar that I attended and with the few days left, I can say that it was the perfect timing. It’s great knowing that there are companies who are pro-active when it comes to promoting the idea of saving. Conducting webinars, inovating their products, etc. Taking myself as an example, I was used to my conventional way of budgeting that I did not bother exploring more, but because of the webinar, I had more options that I believe I can try in the near future, i.e. this coming payday.

Little by little, adjustment on things around us started to surface. Hence, the coin, “new normal.” Adjust or be left behind. It was tough but it is the only way to survive this trying times. And our ways to save is not an exception. Izza of SavingsPinay.PH shared the following to-do list that can be a guide in adjusting our savings practice or even to start one.

At first look, it might appear overwhelming but just keep in mind that first steps are usually the hardest  to take. And in this time of change, we must be more open to adjustments. Take them as innovations that can bring us to better places.

When it comes to financial awareness, Cebuana Lhullier is one to take those first steps to improving their products and giving a wider platform for the masses. They took the innitiative to make it easier for most Filipinos to acquire a savings account with the new and improved deposit and eMoney products such as Cebuana Lhuiller Micro Savings account.

It has basically everything that one needs when starting to save especially in this pandemic. Opening an acount is easier since they’ve partnered with Cebuana Lhuillier pawnshops which has branches at almost every corner of the country. The eCebuana app also comes in handy in handling your hand-earned money.

Take the first step, be an Iponaryo today and experience convenience in saving first-hand.

Panalo ang may ipon, after all!




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