Woah! New Calculator

Unlike in highschool, owning a scientific calculator in college is too mainstream that if you don’t have one, especially during an exam, you can consider yourself doomed. Almost everyone in the College Department has their very own calculator that they even consider their best bud. It’s like the cellphones of Engineering students. It is a bit costly but it is a necessity for survival, so why not? My very first calculator is the hand-me-down calculator from my sister. It didn’t have that much functions and I dealt with that for two years until I had the chance to buy another second hand calculator from Recto. I already said sorry to whoever that once belonged if their separation was not that pleasant. I’m still using it now but admittedly, though it is more advanced than my first one, it still lack some functions that are very crucial for Engineering subjects.

My sister has this friend who incidentally took up the same course as mine and she offered her Casio 991ES Plus for 800php. I already have the calcu though the payment is not yet sent and here they are. The old and the new (another second hand) one:

Casio 991ES Plus and Casio 991MS

I am really hoping that this new and more advanced calculator can help me get through the storms of my Engineering subjects. I am not even used to this calculator so I hope I won’t get lost. I already failed, I will not let it happen again.

Calculators, just as any other instrument a person can have, are just tools to make learning better. It is still up to the person using it if he wants to make the best out of that tool.

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