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Wishlist: DIY Vanity Table

As I started working, I started collecting makeup to make myself look more presentable and professional at the same time. I use makeups during cosplays but mostly, my cosplay makeup stuff are for colored eyebrows, vibrant eyeshadows, concealer for brows and heavy foundations. Those are very much inappropriate for work. Hence, little by little I started my makeup collection.

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As of now, I have decent foundation brushes and eyebrow brushes. I have a few liquid foundations too and setting powders. Learning makeup is really fun especially when trying out new hauls.

I’ve been enjoying collecting makeup for a while now that my pouch is overflowing with them. That’s when I decided to look for a vanity table. Upon searching I already fell  in love with some but of course there’s a price that I have to pay. And that price is not as affordable as foundations and brushes. So I decided to search for DIY vanity tables and saw some great ideas.

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You can also view more here:

I’m really excited to purchase materials and stuff like 3 foot drawer slides to start with this project. Hopefully I will succeed! 🙂

Any makeup organizing ideas you want to share? Comment them down! 🙂

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