Why did I just discover Metrodeal today?

A while ago on my way home, I received a text message from Yanyan (my classmate’s girlfriend) asking me to do a favor for her. She asked me to purchase something in metrodeal.com using her account because she can’t go online at the moment and the deal’s expiring in hours.

Having no idea about metrodeal, I just went to the site and to my surprise, I found myself window shopping online. Haha! The deals are so great my sister have to answer me repeatedly when I blurt out  “Is this legit?” inquiries in every deal especially the fat reducing deals that cost not less than a hundred peso. I cannot believe what I am seeing.

And what amused me the most is that I can buy deals using my Paypal account! It’s like the deals are calling out to me to buy them all. Oh babies, sorry but mommy needs to save for probably a concert on the 22nd.

Well, I am not closing my doors metrodeal, just first things first. 🙂

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