Where’s my Mr. Right? :)

I love weddings though I haven’t attended much wedding ceremonies recently because last time I checked, I was 6 when I last became part a wedding but anyway, I still adore that kind of event. It excites me…now. Because I wasn’t aware of those stuff when I was six and all I have to deal with that time was my irritating lipstick and the itchy ruffles of my flower girl gown.

I remember my sister getting married this coming December. I am so excited for her but at the same time, sad because she’ll be moving out. I just wish I can also be able to wear a gown this time though I think she plans on a simple wedding only.  But still, whatever makes her happy, makes me very happy as well. I can look for plus size prom dresses 2013 if she asks me to find one. 🙂

Speaking of marriage, today, I met with Charmaine, a college friend and we talked about stuff mostly about love. I like her view on it. She treasures it and hates anyone who plays with it. I agree. Love is sacred, it should be taken seriously. That’s why I love weddings. Because for me, if two people already decided to make that vow in front of the Lord, it means that they really, really, really want to be with one another for eternity. It takes a lot of courage to go in such kind of commitment. It is something that involves God already and two people making vows in front of the Lord are two people not to be separated by man ever.

Sincere vows and romantic gestures. I am so excited for my own marriage but of course, I should look for my Mr. Right first! 🙂

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