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September 12, 2012

Last time, I blogged about me discovering Metrodeal and its wonders and just as I still couldn’t believe that I discovered it late, another finding shocked me so much I had to blog about it too. 😀

It still involves Ate Lhyzie’s birthday celebration.

Mahj and I arrived there at around 8:30pm and we were quickly assisted by Kuya Jun as Ate Lhyzie picked up another visitor. We ate palabok and lumpia as the adults were teasing us to drink which we didn’t buy no matter how hard they try. We’re such good girls, you know. Haha!

Okay so, I was already full because I kept eating lumpia but the cakes on the other table were calling me and so I prepared my tummy for another round of digestion. Mahj, the sexy girl, was full as well but I took a large slice of cake for us to share. I intentionally took the side of the cake where the icings are abundant because I am such a sweet-lusting bitch. The chocolate topping couldn’t escape and I took it too. We ate happily and share chitchats while waiting for the birthday girl.

As I was dividing the chocolate with my plastic fork, I wondered why I was able to actually cut it in half. I already knew that the chocolate was hard and my fork wouldn’t be able to divide it but it did! I kept pushing the fork downwards to cut the chocolate fully and my discovery came in. It’s not chocolate but mallows! My whole life was a lie!!! Hahahaha~ But really, I haven’t seen any cake with mallows as its topping. Oh yes, call me shallow but yeah! I just got so surprised. Haha!

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