WFH thoughts

Two years since I started working from home as per compliance with quarantine guidelines in the Philippines and I must say, I have developed some habits far from what I have been doing pre-pandemic.

Comparing WFH and on-site work can be difficult for one has what the other lacks but if I were to choose, as of now, I’d rather continue working from home where I am closer to my family.

Aside from that, I also like the idea of not having to wear office uniform everyday. I don’t hate our company uniform but compared to now when I can wear house clothes when not attending meetings, I’d gladly keep tis setup until the end of the year at least. One more thing is the commute. I can wake up 30mins before log in time and still have time to make coffee, change to my favorite collegiate shorts and still do a little stretching.

Office-based work is indeed convenient. Considering not all houses in the Philippines has airconditioning services and the internet connection varies per location as well. Lucky are those who can continue working despite the pandemic and my heart goes to those who are suffering because of this. If only I could extend help to each an every family affected.

If there’s anything, let us REGISTER TO VOTE this coming elections and unite to give our nation a clearer horizon. It will not be an easy road but as long as we got each other, we’ll carry on.

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