Welcome to the most boring blog ever

Hi! I am Abegail and I’m proudly owning this blog. Hrrkk.

My page rank decrease so I have to be active again but sadly, I have lots of errands to do. 🙁 I hate giving excuses but it’s the truth. HELL WEEK is coming again. Oh gosh! I can’t handle my time properly anymore. That’s why I think I just have to accept my page rank getting lower and lower as I abandon this blog again. 🙁

I was visiting other blogs last night and came into realization that my blog is nothing compared to other bloggers. Worst thing is, most of them are younger than me which puts not only my page rank low but also my dignity. Haha! I’m so pathetic. All I do is to share my experience and stuff and it takes me weeks to write one post after the other.

I also envy their themes/layouts. Their sites are so cute, cool, entertaining, colorful and all while mine is dead. Haha! Am I pushing myself so down already? I didn’t mean to offend myself, though! Haha!

Anyways, thanks for visiting! Just wait, after I graduate, I’ll be focusing on writing. Haha! Never mind the board exams. This is my future! AHahaaaaa! LOL

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