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Welcome December!

Sorry for not being so active in blogging and thanks to those who still visit my blog. 🙂

Indeed time flies so fast. It seems just like yesterday when I was busy wrapping simple gifts for my family and then now, another Christmas is coming. Sad thing is, i haven’t bought any gifts yet, though I wanted to, my financial condition doesn’t seem to be cooperating with me.

Anyways, enough of the negative thoughts. Christmas isn’t about the gifts though. So, what’s your plan for Christmas? How many Christmas parties are you going to attend? As of me, I have none. 🙂 But it’s okay, I’ll party hard at home. 😀 Prepare your wishlist because Santa might be sneaking at your homes tonight! Just make sure you put “I’ve been god this year” to be sure that you’ll be on the old man’s “Kind” list.

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