Waiting for Kim Heechul

My phone, though not that high-end has this feature that I adore so much. It has a home screen! Haha. While almost everyone is busy customizing each and every feature in their smart or android phones, I was here updating my phone’s calendar so that everyday it reminds me of the days when Heechul will be back.

And right now, it displays “217 days” which means, I only have to wait for almost seven months until he comes back from the army. I can’t wait but for now, that’s the only thing left to do. I just hope that he comes back really safe though I can see from his latest appearances that he seem to have lost weight and his cheek bones are more visible now.

I am planning for a birthday celebration for him on July. It will be my first time to celebrate somebody’s birthday who doesn’t even know that I exist. Haha. And on the day of his comeback, there’d be another party too! That’s why I am really working hard. I wish I can save enough money til then.

I miss Heechul already. T^T

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