Wait, what?

So I was lazily scrolling through Tumblr while waiting for my BFf to finish her classes when I suddenly remembered that I have an account in blogvertise and that they are to pay me $15 for a post that I made a month ago.To my surprise, an email from their “webmaster” is on the top of my inbox along with two other spams. I excitedly opened their email and Woah! They told me I already received thye $30 payment for the two posts that I made about this car repair service. I am so happy and I hurriedly opened my Paypal account. What made me happier is the converted currnecy amount of their payment plus Nadine’s $2 contest prize that made 1,000+. I’m really excited to open a bank account right now especially when All Things Bright and Beautiful Tour tickets will be on sale on June 8.

Pro-bloggers might regard me as a narrow-minded one but please understand that this is one dream that I really aspire since the start. I hope Nadine is not so busy right now for she is the only one I can run to with queries like this.

Okay then. I’ll have to think of more inspirations to get started. I’ve been away for too long that I got lazy to write again. To anyone who can help me, I’d be very overwhelmed and touched if you approach me. 🙂

BTW, I already attached a Contact Form in my blog so you can contact me anytime aside from twitter and chatbox of course. Thanks to Nadine’s tutorials again 🙂 with a little bit of Google’s. 🙂

God bless you all bloggers!

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