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Mehh! Now i want to have red hair.

But honestly, I am an idiot when it comes to fashion or makeup. I mean it. I have always had the same hairstyle since first year college which is actually five years from now. I just can’t let go of this  long black hair  of mine. I’m afraid of the result. I’m not that confident of what will I look like and how will I be able to get by with the new look.

But right now, I really want a red hair. Like I really, really, really do. The only problem left is whether or not it will fit me. I know red hair fit milky-skinned people that’s why I am having doubts because I have a morena type of skin. I tried asking my friends and my sister and they have the same opinions as mine. It’ll really be a big step if I pursue it so I tried consulting virtual hairstylers like Cosmopolitan’s Virtual Makeovers & Hairstyles.

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