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Vintique: Le awesome app

During our free time at school, me and my friends either take photos or make funny covers of different songs. Sometimes we are using YouCam to take photos or Roger’s iTouch but when Mr. Rich Guy just bought his new iPhone 4s, the new wave of camwhoring began again. And this time, we focus on using different photo apps. Just because it’s a smartphone and apps are everywhere.

As I explore his iPhone, I notice this app named Vintique. It’s cute icon caught my attention and tried it right away. Just as I thought, Roger hasn’t used it yet. He’s the type who keeps on downloading apps but leaves the exploration in us. Good thing I was bored that day and tried it out.

The app has such cool effects. Something that people who like vintage photos will love. It also comes with different editing options such as frames and different photo adjustments.

My group’s favorite is the “dim past” effect and as usual, we take photos of ourselves looking like those who lived hundred years ago. Hihi. That’s all for now. I’ll explore more apps some time. 🙂

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