Valentine’s Day

I see hearts in every commercial building in our town. Cut outs of red papers are very dominant in the glass walls of fast food chains, convenience stores, salons, and even in schools. Valentine, it’s your day.

Oppositely, there are also a lot of people who consider this just the same, ordinary day. There’s nothing so special according to them. Most of those people are single or in a complicated relationship.

Valentine’s Day rants are all over Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. See how funny February 14 can get? The day doesn’t even care. Hell yeah, it’s not even RED-ed in the calendar yet a lot of people recognize this as a special day of love. That part is undeniably good.

Of course, celebration of LOVE isn’t just about dates and chocolates and flowers and fail surprises. I know it’s so cliché to say that love isn’t about the material things (or was it Christmas?) but it is the truth. You can have dates on February 13’s, give chocolates on birthdays and try to deliver a surprising surprise in all of the 365 days of the year so there’s no reason for hating 14th of February if no one asked you out.

Celebrate love everyday and the feeling is much more satisfying than a day of expensive sweets, boring dates and disturbingly large bouquets of flowers on a long jeepney ride.

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