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Unexpected gift

I tried my luck on one of Ate Lhyzie’s birthday giveaways because I really want to own a backpack that can house my most to least relevant school stuff that I always bring though I don’t need. OCD, maybe? Anyways, she held I think three giveaways and all of the prizes were, as usual, kawaii and useful at the same time but I only joined the North Peak x Hodge Podge x TRS giveaway because the bag came at the right time of my longing so I focused my attention to that.

At the bus, I’m feeling something I can’t explain and I suddenly texted her asking who won the North Peak giveaway. Her reply was short and simple yet it made my imaginary self jump from my seat leaving my physical self frozen as I read the word “You.” I replied with an all caps “WEH!” not to offend her but I just can’t simply express my delight and surprise! I have been joining her giveaways since I started blogging and I have won pretty good stuff which up to now, I haven’t used yet because they keep coming in.

But this one, I’ll definitely use this bag in my everyday living. Haha! Who doesn’t want free stuff, right? I love free stuff!!! 😀

I got my prices yesterday at her birthday party celebration and got even more ecstatic when finally, the bag that I’ve been wanting since I laid eyes on it in her blog touched my hands. I hugged the orange Giordano paper bag like a baby given a bear stuffed toy. It housed my free stuff and as I took a peek on the inside, I saw Hodge Podge stuff and melted away. I had to let go of the paper bag to return to my senses but there were moustache necklace, moustache magnet and moustache keychain so I died again. As I resurrected after a few seconds, I died again by the sight of clay phone charm and clay keychain that says “BLOGGER” in it. Oh yes, I am a very proud blogger now! Wee! I feel so blessed I gave Mahj the moustache keychain which I think made her happy as well.

Thank you North Peak! Thank you Hodge Podge! Thank you Ate Lhyzie!!

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