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Toycon 2014 Day 3

It’s 1:44am and I just woke up. My body clock’s been ruined since I discovered blogging and cosplay, really. So I took my laptop and checked my Facebook. Ah, friend requests again. It made me glad. I knew they were the people that we (with my cosplaymates) met last Sunday, June 22, at Toycon 2014. That’s when I decided to write this.

Probably the biggest and longest running toy convention in the Philippines in my opinion, for I have never been to any other yet. I’m not a toy collector myself or shall I say, I was not. I was fascinated by the countless amount of stalls, each having their own set of collections with one goal: to entertain the con-goers and satisfy their liking in toys. There’s just a lot! It’s too crowded that road signs and traffic enforcers would be of much help, But it’s all worth it. Squeezing through the crowd just to see your favorite anime character’s figma, because you just can’t afford it yet, is such a wonderful feeling. Though I just realized, I didn’t see a Levi figure. Noooooooo~ but honestly speaking, I got inspired to collect toys now because of Toycon. I will have to study really hard to find the best job to support this hobby. Inspiration kicks in. Hooray!

Also, it’s my first time to attend this convention in cosplay too. And I can say I really enjoyed cosplaying that day. The people are very appreciative of our group cosplay of Bakemonogatari. I played Senjougahara Hitagi by the way. It was tiring but the amount of people who took our photos took the pain away. Actually my feet was burning painful even before we took a break at ate but I really enjoyed walking around and seeing other cosplayers so I endured the pain.

Photo by Marvin Tayong
Photo by Marvin Tayong

Overall. Toycon 2014 was a success, in my opinion. At first, we were really hesitant to attend a convention that will be held in SM Megamall because of previous experiences but this event is far different from before. The ticketing is very organized, the Toycon staff were very nice and accommodating, cosplayers are free to have photo-ops in a large area which is really what we need — not some barricaded corners where only a few can fit. The rude guards of before were out of sight as well, I hope this kind of management stays the same not only for Toycon but for other cosplay events to come.

I would love to attend this event every year from now on. Sugoi!

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One thought on “Toycon 2014 Day 3

  1. it was my first ever toycon too! however i didn’t really enjoy much because it’s more like a day of pick-up for me because i ordered most of my stuffs earlier (avoiding the hassle, they say).

    I learned though, that it could have been more fun if I bought exactly right there, I was to scared it’d cost me more though. Ah, there’s next time! The person I was with was also being kj because both of us were tired (since I went after work and all)

    On the 2nd day, there were lines that seemed to never have ended, and I just dropped by as in, drop by and it was a pity but I chose movies over staying there. I couldn’t come back at the third day because there were so many people the 2nd day I changed my mind over it xD

    I wish I had taken a photo with you though!! Next time, we better meet up and take some photos together!! :3

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