The inside of my Total Girl School planner

This post is mainly dedicated to Kay. She didn’t have a URL or email attached in her comment so I don’t have any way to grant her request but to post this here. Sorry for the late post.

This page says, "My planner, My promise" this part is really cute where you have to fill the information about you in the designated fields. You put your contact details in case the planner gets lost. You can attached a photo of yourself too in the alloted space in the upper right corner. 🙂

Your most important dates to remember!
I don't understand what to do with this actually 🙂

Wala pang laman.. hmm 🙂

That would be all for now. 🙂 I you want to view the slideshow, you can visit mt Tumblr page. you’ll see it there. http://abbegaill.uni.cc


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