To my Lola in Heaven,

November 2, 2015. I remember only one person when this date arrives. My grandmother in heaven, Lola Cela, today is your birthday.

It’s almost five years since you left us. I admit, I have so many things on my mind that there are days when I forget about you. Things I’m not even sure if I can bring to heaven when the Lord calls on me to be with you. But in my heart, you always belong.

I still remember your beaded sandals and it’s you that I think of when I see some at the market. I miss you. We all miss you and Lolo.

I am working now. The little girl whom you’ll accompany home after staying at your house during vacation is matured enough to know now that regrets won’t get me anywhere. Yes, I still hope I have done other better, sweeter things to both of you and Lolo but no one has the power to turn back time. Hence, at this moment, I am striving to be able to help my father, your son to raise our family.

My father does great. He works daytime to noon just to be able to provide for us. I am telling this because I can’t give you material things on your birthday now. But I know this is what you want most. Living or not, I know you pray for your children’s well-being and their own families as well.

Rest assured Lola, you can trust me in this. 🙂 Please help us pray though. The more, the merrier. I miss you, I love you. 🙂

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