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Titanic 3D

It’s listed in my phone calendar. The anniversary of Titanic’s catastrophic ending. I never forgot about it though, but I still I let it stay there. Actually, like many of us, I just knew about Titanic because of the movie. The first time I watched it, I was a grade school student and barely understood English. So when given a chance, I borrowed the VCD’s from our Lola and one by one placed the 3 CDs in our component which was then unharmed by Ondoy.

I loved it. I cried over it. I watched it again and again. And from then on, I had something to write on the “Favorite Movie:” slot on my classmate’s slumboooks.

The movie never fails to make me cry and I believe I have written a lot about Titanic here or on my other blogs. I just can’t get enough. And so when I heard about Titanic being showed in 3D, I got so excited. Very, very, very excited that I forgot to save money.

Since the day I heard the news, my plan has been to watch it on the exact day of its 100th year. April 14th. But the day came and I still have no money and I have a class then so I said to myself, “Okay. Maybe on Saturday.” And Saturday it became. Together with Yanyan, another Titanic fan and a friend of mine, I hurriedly rushed to the mall to buy tickets for a 2:45pm movie just to find out that the cinemas only show this Avengers movie.


And would you believe if I say that we raided three malls just to be able to watch the 3D version of Titanic but with no luck. All three malls that we’ve visited seem to be prioritizing the superhero-packed movie which left us long-faced, tired and hungry we just decided to eat at McDonald’s and hate the other movie there.

I still can’t believe I missed the chance of watching my most favorite movie ever in 3D. And I haven’t watched any 3D movie yet.

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