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Three cosplays in one day and more awesome things

It was almost a week ago when I woke up by the sound of my iPod’s alarm. I wasn’t even sure if I actually slept because of the excitement because surprisingly, I got up immediately which I rarely do. But that time, I did. At 2 in the morning, we can say it’s excitement, yes.

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“Wake up, superstar!” Hahaha!

Thanks to my father I didn’t travel alone that time. We waited for my cosplaymates and parted ways as Jenny and his brother arrived. I gave my father a goodbye kiss on the cheek as he wished me luck and commanded me to take good care of myself. I thank the Lord for such supportive parents.

I, Jenny and his brother Arcel met the whole team at a train station around 4 and together we traveled to Tagaytay. The vehicle was too crowded with 12 people in it and a bunch of cosplay props and armors but the ride was worthwhile. As most of the girls were having a nap, the boys were all revved up for joke exchanges and story-telling.

We reached the destination, The Velvet View, with the sun shining brightly already. No time was wasted for we immediately dressed up after we had breakfast.

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[L-R] Chii, Micah, Me, Marvin, Misaki, Jenny
[Behind] Sir Mack, Arcel
It was a show for GMA News TV and we were there as supporting characters. Kris Bernal and Mike Tan were the main ones. The story was about two cosplayers who fell in love with each other. Hence, our participation as their co-cosplayers.

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Kris Bernal and Mike Tan doing the cheesy “Put me down or I’ll slap you” scene

Since it was a life story, we had to make it look like it happened on different days and so we were asked to bring two set of costumes. I dressed up as Saeko Busujima of Highschool of the Dead first, followed by Levy McGarden of Fairytail which was originally Jenny’s. But suddenly we were ask to change for one last time, good thing I brought a spare costume and Riko Aida of Kuroko no Basuke was my last costume.

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Photos not in order sorry.. I purposedly wanted to make the back-to-back effect on these photos but my Levy looked better facing that way so I flipped Saeko instead but still yeah… haha.

My cosplaymates brought their own costumes as well and there were moments when we exchanged costumes. It was all fun and anime. I can never forget that day. Though tiring, it was worth it. I was really amazed by my cosplaymates’ acting skills. Though only on the background, they really gave their best. I can still remember the all-out fight scenes done by Sir Mack, Dennis and Chii. They were really great. We also did a short introduction of our character’s wherein I sucked big time. I never thought saying such short line in front of a camera would be that hard. I mumbled my words and said the wrong character. I almost fainted due to shame. Good thing these amazing people kept doing their thing and it inspired me so I just shoo-ed the shame away and enjoyed while praying for my part not to be included in the final output. T^T

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With my fellow cosplayers 🙂

The production theme of the show were very accommodating and hardworking as well which made the experience even more enjoyable. We all went home tired but happy. With all the memories, I would love to do this again with them. 🙂

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Sir Mack as Kakashi on the go to his assigned spot while we wait for ours.
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