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Things I miss in Japan: Clothes

One thing I admire about Japan, is their wide acceptance to fashion. Whatever the weather may be, people still enjoy the freedom of expressing themselves through their fashion style. I am not much of a fashionista but I always choose where I am most comfortable wearing. Living in Japan, I never thought I could explore clothing as much as I did there. Below are a few:

Sakura viewing in Ueno Park (Tokyo)

Denim polo, patterned red shirt, maong pants, sandals

I was on my freshie tourist mode here as this was just a few weeks since I arrived in Japan last 2017 so what I wore here were mostly tiangge pieces that I bought last minute to bring. But I was happy that these together complemented to the colors of spring season in Japan. It was a bit breezy, too so the denim jacket served its purpose. That was my sister’s by the way.

Northern Culture Museum (Niigata)

plaid polo, jumper dress, tights, slip-on shoes

Although Japan has a wide acceptance in fashion freedom, they are also very respectful to their culture and as a foreigner, when I learnd that we were going to a museum in Niigata, I considered wearing not too bright and not too complex outfit that day. Still chic but mostly comfortable since we will be doing a lot of walking.

Shopping in Tokyo Tower (Minato, Tokyo)

Medium length coat, pencil cut high-waist skirt, tights, graphic

Fun fact: I bought the Tokyo embrodery graphic tee with in Niigata to wear in Toyko and the skirt was from a thrift shop in Niigata as well.
I loved pairing these two because these make a perfect shopping outfit. Especially to us, who only take the trains.

Sanrio Puroland (Tama, Tokyo)

Mustard cardigan, floral shorts, plain pink top (not visible)

This was an accidental fit but somehow worked, I guess. The Sanrio-lover in me just got too excted packing up clothes that I actually forgot some. Good thing, sales are everywhere that time I was able to crop a matching top for my shorts. I really love Japan’s theme places and dressing up for it is also an exciting part!

During pre-pandemic days, I often get my outfits from thrift shops as they are affordable and unique but things are completely different now so should our lifestyle be. Still wishing to wear that Boutique Overall Dress I’ve been keeping for years though.

Here’s to praying for everyone’s safety and hoping we all could mix and match our favorite clothes and see each other on our favorite places again soon!

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