Thesis crisis

Bea already took her laptop and I am too ashamed that I haven’t even written a single post during Sam’s stay at our house. (Sam is Bea’s laptop’s name)

So, now, I just felt that I really have to blog about anything under the sun. As a welcome back post, I decided to write about our thesis. Well, actually, we don’t have a thesis yet. We are still on the process of  formulating a title but the sad news is, we can’t even think about a topic.

I am a Civil Engineering student with Structural Engineering as the major. Our thesis adviser insisted that our thesis have to involve structural analysis in it which made the title formulation harder. Experimental thesis is easier than analysis but our major requires analysis that’s why we have to comply with it.

I am bothered because our group seem to be the happy-go-lucky type and with the Title Defense date coming closer, we really have to be more serious this time. I just hope we can be able to think of something doable and passable, at least passable.

We have contacted some professionals from our previous OJT’s to ask for help and they have contributed some interesting topics but we still have to think of more because our priority is to pass and with too complicated subjects, our grades are at risk.

If anybody out there, knows or is actually an engineer who is interested in helping students like us who are so lost in the structural analysis world, your comments and suggestions are highly appreciated. PLEASE? 🙂

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