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TheNet.Com The Grand Finale

Ever since I learned how to play League of Legends, I keep falling in love  with  it as I gain more experience in game. My Facebook friends can attest to it for I cannot control my excitement whenever I gain a level so I announce it all over Facebook and regret nothing. Though not that skilled yet, I am really proud to be a LoL player. I get inspired watching LoL tournaments on Youtube and I dream on joining even one someday. ^_^

Luckily, TheNet.Com cafe launched a League of Legends tournament last December 13 and 14 at SM North Edsa The Annex Event Center and I was there to watch the event which they called The Grand Finale. I was really happy and excited because it is my first time to watch a LoL tournament live! Aside from those, I got a lot of freebies as well because I bought a Premium Pass. Hooray! Though I don’t play Dragon Nest, I really adore this DN baller and I am planning to play DN now. And hopefully to cosplay a character there too, just like Mina Kim who was present at the event as well, she’s one of the cosplayers that I admire too. 🙂premium

More games all over the event center, I just can’t get enough! FREEBIES! FREEBIES! AAAAAAA~~lovebeat

And most especially, League of Legends tournament! I really took time to squeez into the pile of people, mostly men, just to be able to experience and see a live LoL tournament up close and personal. And just to mention that the players are all girls! Wee! Senpais!!

lol tournament tnc

Thanks to Monster, I got more energy to spazz over my favorite online

The Grand

Overall, it was tiring. But just like cosplaying it was all worth it. I felt like I was in a whole different world and it’s fine. I got more inspired to play more games now because admittedly, I was just into iDate and Audition before but I didn’t pursue gaming because I was too young then and don’t have friends to play with. Playing LoL and attending tournaments made me realize that they’re everywhere! Friends who share the same interest as me are just one game away. I may not be as skilled as most of the players but I enjoy playing which is nice enough. 🙂


Food plus awesome companion. Hihi! And can I just have a moment to recognize the awesomeness of the stairs at SM North Edsa Annex. Lights. <3


Hoping to attend more online game tournaments in the future! 🙂

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