Ze Characters In My (Life) Story Part II

Due to increasing social life and decreasing introversion, I gained some more friends which added to the list of people that I’ll be mentioning in my posts more often.

6. Mahj– the “future” girlfriend of my classmate. Also my Tumblr buddy. We became close when she asked me to join her at Meralco to witness the light displays. Awesomeness.

7. Jney– photo posted here. A highschool friend who I once considered my “angel” when we were still very close.

8. Donna– newly found friend. We became close this year when we went to our OJT together and furthermore when we took the same classes together.

9. Opposite Day– originally, this was a group created by Clarence and her friends but the group became bigger when others joined, including me. J

10. SM– also Srilamay, my sister. She’s so sexy now that it sucks not to be able to borrow her clothes like I did before.

11. ChaClaBeRi– combined names of Chaneth, Clarence, Abegail and Rizza. We are super bestfriends from highschool.

I’m doing this because I don’t want my readers to be clueless about the things that I’m saying most especially when I’m talking about random stuff that I did during the random days of my life so I hope these posts help you while reading my stories.


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