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Ze Characters In My (Life) Story

Hi! I’m here again. Yeah, you guessed it right, I’m doing another assignment which, luckily for me, involves the Internet. So I can use a little time to write. Yay!

So this post is basically about the people in my life that I often tell in my posts. I keep on introducing them whenever I mention them in my diary entries so I figured I should just formally introduce them in a post because I’ll be mentioning them more often when I come back and begin to write regularly again. Okay, so let’s begin.

  1. Nadine – She is my master. 🙂 My idol. She welcomed me in the world of blogging. She will be often mentioned in blogging and Internet concerned posts.
  2. Bea – Ze bestfriend. We are together almost all the time so it is given that she will be included in almost all of my posts regarding places I’ve gone to and from the most peculiar to the most extraordinary things that I did.
  3. Ticcle – BFF since grade 5.
  4. Marxi – also Xari, my little sister who loves Taylor Swift and Hannah and Spongebob.:)
  5. Adam Young – aka Owl City, yep, He Is Owl City. I love him asfasgdfkjH!

That would be all for now. Stay tuned for more characters of my life story. LELS SO CORNY! 🙂

Next time I’ll post a photo of each of them if they allow me. 🙂

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