The something-like-this bag

I have posted in my Wishlist page that I want to have a bag just like most of the Korean teens have. I think it suits any outfit so with the school days coming and me having no uniform will make this a good buy. My sister told me that she’ll just buy me a binder notebook for this sem for she doesn’t have enough money to buy me clothes and a pair of shoes. I agreed, I never really bothered thinking about how I will look at school ever since. For as long as I have decent clothes to wear, I’m fine with it. Even if it means wearing the same clothes every week. Hahaha!

Going back to the bag, I received an unexpected call from my sister when I was busy watching Death Note at Ate Lhyzie’s house. Sis asked about my opinion on the bag that she’s about to buy. She never told me that it was for me until she mentioned that “It’s so KPop!” Haha. i really laughed out loud by that description. So I knew it was mine. I told her that since I cannot see the real product, she’ll just have to decide on what color to choose. My only concern is that it should fit my style of clothing which ironically has no style at all. Haha.

I was already happy when our conversation ended. I am going to own my dream bag! Is this real? Is my sister really offering her money to buy me the bag that I like? Oh well, talk about luck.

I continued watching while telling Bea about the call until my phone rang. It was her again but this time she’s not asking for my taste but merely informing me that she saw a better one which is “More KPop”. That moment I insisted that I am not planning to go to school in colorful dresses and candy-colored clothes because I was alarmed that she might be taking my KPop love too seriously that she might buy me a bag that’s too inappropriate so I explained to her that all I need is a bag that somehow looks like those but not the colorful or metallic or glittery ones. I also insisted on the clothes that I use which are tshirts, sandals and pants only.

I just prayed that her decision won’t make me look like a fool at school. Haha!

And so she went home with the school supplies that she bought for Marxi and me. I didn’t initiate on looking for the bag because immediately, she handed it to me and I was surprised to see something like the “something-like-this bag” on my wishlist. All I did was to say “Thank you.” in a sweet tone. 🙂

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  1. Cute cute bag! Makes me miss school days :”> Happy something in your wish list came true, I hope this will inspire you more in your studies 🙂

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