The Search

I hope this post or even just the thought of it reaches the people concerned. I could just wish.

During grade school and high school days, I was part of our schools’ Journalism Club. In elementary I write editorials and in high school I was feature editor. I love to write, yes but I’m not sure if I write that well already because my classmates write far, far way better than me. However uncertain, I was determined to take up Journalism course in college. Until fate opened me the world of Digital and Multimedia Arts. That time I was eager to experience taking photos of probably just anything under the sun. I remember I used to borrow a friend’s camera phone and take photos with it as if I was a professional photographer. I was happy to gain some appreciative remarks with my works. And there I switched my path. I wanted to take up any computer course that will help me familiarize myself with the different software used in photo editing and video recording. And you’re right, I met PhotoShop. But it was too complicated for a newbie like me, fourth year high school and unfortunate not to own a desktop computer. I got frustrated and finally gave up. Knowing that a kid 5 years younger than me can use the application well added to my dissatisfaction.

Time passed and I saw myself taking entrance exams from two universities I’ve just been invited to. I was in watch of our little store when a mailman outside yelled “Letter!” at first I was “Yeah, letter. You are a mailman mister!” it was just when he mentioned my name that I paid attention. Seeing my name, numbers beside it and a college in the envelope, I knew it was the result of the exam I took weeks ago. I just realized that day how my grade went and it was pretty high to let me be included in the first day of enrollment, a privilege given to exam passers who got the highest scores. Luckily, my score got included in the bracket. I passed the other college too but paying a larger amount for the entrance exam in the second university made me decide to enter there.

Not knowing three years from that moment, I will regret what I’ve done. To be continued in The Consequence II.

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