Compliment someone today.

Typical day on Tumblr.

Scroll. Scroll. Scroll. Whoops. Imma check my blog. *le clicks on blog*

Sees this:

This is just a photo of me and my friends with some random guy we met at tent. 🙂


OMG! Did my post actually have TWO notes?

OMG! Did she just reblogged my photo post?

OMG! Did she just say that I am “PRETTY AND DEFINITELY NOT FAT”?


OMG! Why can’t we be neighbors? I love you mydarlingblue of Tumblr, I really do!


I very, very seldom get notes on my posts and this kind of comment rarely appears in my blog which explains my sudden flight to “IS THIS REALITY OR JUST FANTASY” mode. As an ordinary girl, not to mention being socially awkward, being able to receive a compliment like such is just as though I’m putting another penny in my coin bank of self-esteem which I find hard to fill.


These kinds of things help me boost my confidence and with your help, I am hoping that I won’t be losing what I have already earned.


You are beautiful.

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