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The Hunger Games Experience

My blogger friend Mahj joined an online contest in which she won  two movie tickets for the movie, The Hunger Games. She posted about not having someone to use the other ticket and I got interested so I messaged her saying that I can be the one that will use it. Though I haven’t got any idea about the movie nor the book itself, I was still so excited to watch it because it’s free! 🙂

And so to the movies we went.

At first I thought it will be just like an ordinary movie screening where we will be handed the tickets and we’ll enter the cinema but I was wrong. As we got there, we were standing in line with so many elite people, even some celebrities were there. We received our tickets together with a loot bag from the sponsors and what shocked me the most was the cocktail tables where we ate foods that I admittedly have never tasted before.

We also met some bloggers there and the funny thing is we exchanged not only contact number but blog URLs as well. You wouldn’t see that in a usual gathering you know. 🙂

At exactly 9pm, the movie started and we were the only ones who were talking probably because the others knew what will happen already while I and Mahj kept on guessing why things went that way or what will happen next. I ended up wanting to read the book and hopefully I can watch more of The Hunger Games (for free? lol)

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