The four-leaf clover

A friend once told me about the luck four-leaf clover gives. Actually, I have no idea that such belief occurs until Jen told me. 🙂 We were at the mall and she spotted some kind of accessory shop and there hangs a variety of accessories which has the four-leaf clover as its design. She looked at me, smiled as if waiting for me to give an I’m-thinking-what-you’re-thinking smile back but during those times, I really haven’t got any clue about that clover so I just stared at her like an idiot waiting to be fed by precious accessory information. “Swerte daw yun!” she said. And there started my adoration to four-leaf clovers.

But such accessories are rare and I am currently collecting owl stuff because they’re easier to find. Haha! So I really haven’t got any four-leaf clover accessory yet.

Until Ate Lhyzie’s birthday party was held last night and hours before I went there with Mahj, I went to this store which sells tons of Hello Kitty stuff to buy gifts. My original plan was to buy a HK necklace but there’s no one managing the stall that I first went to so I proceeded to the HK store. I bought Mahj’s gift there and on the side of the counter were different cellphone chrams which didn’t really caught my interest though I was really looking for a phone charm myself. The designs were just too mainstream so I didn’t bother exploring but as I look away from the heaven of cheap charms, I spotted a flower-like design and as I look closer I realized, it’s my four-leaf clover! I immediately asked the cashier to add that to my cart (Wow, cart! Haha! ) and went to Ate Lhyzie’s birthday party feeling lucky with my clover charm.


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