The famous house

PBB Teen Edition is trending again. I wonder what’s on that TV show that makes it trend on Twitter. After 4th edition, I never thought that there’ll be a teen edition right away. Well, anyway, it’s the people’s choice to spend their time in watching it and as long as I don’t have to pay for their electric bills, then they can trend whoever they want. LOL

But I must admit, Pinoy Big Brother’s house is really famous and I, myself would want to have my photo taken with that house. If ever I will be given a chance, I would also love to go inside but not as a contestant but as a tourist only. Haha!

photo source

I want to see the interior of the house face to face. I want to touch the expenxive furnitures, the cool murals, the solitary sofa in the confession room, the swimming pool and if there’s a hot tub, I expect cool hot tub covers there especially because it is the most famous house in the Philippines so everything must be presentable. Yes, even the hot tub covers must be presentable besides it helps to keep the hot tubs clean.

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