That one day I got my ankle sprained

Adventurous. On-the-go. Ready.

That’s what I was when I started working as a site engineer just a weeks ago. It was my first job in the construction field — a job fit for my educational background — and I was so excited. The construction site is located a bit far from our house and so I had to travel for almost four hours each day not to mention the struggle boarding and alighting the MRT, eating a large portion of my day and making me dead tired as I reach home. Due to this, I asked my parents if I can stay at the staff house provided by our company. It was really hard moving out but I just put into mind the benefits that I’ll be getting once I got used to living there. And so with the same spirit that I had at the beginning, I transferred.

Together with Kenneth, I brought my things at the staff house and that same night I stayed there. If I were the Facebook person I would’ve posted a status that might look like “Abegail Layosa is feeling independent —- first night at staff house” along with a selfie of mine with my baggage. Instead, I simply reported to my parents that I reached our staff house at Pasay City safely and is about to take the rest that I deserved.

Came the next day, work day. I am really very excited and challenged. “This is really is it!” I said to myself. What I thought was a ordinary day, ended up with me having a sprained ankle. It was a normal, busy day at work —permits, inspections, monitoring, the usual stuff. I never imagined that there was an accident waiting for me as I come back to my second home.

Good thing I was with my superior then. We were about to enter the first street to our home when I missed a step and landed on my unprepared foot. It was so painful. In fact, I can still feel the pain as I narrate it that I can’t look at the words for it doubles the pain. I wanted to cry but my pride held back the tears from my eyes. I just sat there, at the very gutter which I thought was the same level as the last step of the MRT stairs, not minding the rushing people as they don’t mind me either. It was hell’s dish with agony, suffering, distress and misery as the ingredients. Super long story short, we still managed to get to the staff house with a major effort in every step.

Now why am I narrating this very unfortunate experience of mine?

It’s because I actually realized a lot of things. This sprained ankle may seem yes, a serious injury but on a deeper note, the fall apparently shook me and changed some of my views on things.

For now, please accept my apology for I have taken a lot of time narrating the tragedy that I will have to share the more important thoughts in bullets.

  • God will never give us challenges that we cannot handle. That very moment when I was sitting after I fell down I thought I wouldn’t be able to stand up and walk again. The pain was so penetrating I could feel it in my bones. But I knew I can’t stay there forever. I knew I had to go to our staff house where it is safer. I knew, no matter how impossible it was that time, I had to get up and with my broken ankle, walk. So I stood up. With the help of my superior, we reached the staff house. I fell but was still able to walk because God gave me the abilities to do so. And He provided me a companion because He knows that’s what I need.
  • Absence doesn’t always mean you are being disregarded, people may be far away but those who love you will always care. I admit the experience was not only physically painful for me but also emotionally. My family was not with me. Kenneth cannot pick me up. I asked for help from them but no one came. I cried more because of that than because of the pain. But the next day Kenneth came and brought me home. My mother brought me to the clinic as well. There are things that we cannot control and people have limitations. In the end, I received the caring treatment that I longed for the night before.
  • God provides. I’m miles away form home and I can’t walk. I had to go home because the people at the staff house have their own lives to take care of. I stayed there waiting for Kenneth and actually I never felt any struggle spending the day by myself, injured. I was able to eat lunch with the food earlier prepared by my superior and was able to go downstairs with the help of my office mate who came early that day. Let me just mention that our apartment was located at the third floor so yeah. As I reach ground floor, Kenneth was there waiting for me and we were able to go home safely.
  • I matter. Though the new one in the house, I really felt at home and cared for. My officemates each mumbled a simple “Get well soon.” just before leaving for work. Those were people I just knew the day before, it really touched my heart. At home, I received remarks like I should just go back home and stay with them. Moments like these help in removing the pain.
  • Having an honest heart is one of the best feelings in the world. Communication is really important in any relationship. Somehow the emotional pain hasn’t gone away yet but I was able to tell how I felt. It opened my mind and was able to accept that not all things can go our way. Just like they say, life is not a fairytale. By saying my feelings I was able to release the burden that adds to my suffering and was able to realize that I am still very blessed despite what happened. And with that comes the last bullet..
  • Learn to count your blessings. That night of my accident I cried because of the joining pain on my foot and in my heart. I felt alone. I felt like I was being punished because of my shortcomings. That night I also prayed to God. Admittedly, it was a more of “God please remove this pain. I can’t bear it no more.” prayer at first. A demanding prayer I must say. I questioned Him for the absence of my loved ones, I hated the people who weren’t there for me that time. Until my words were being swallowed by my sobbing. I prayed in my head and then I realized how blessed I am to have a companion when that incident happened. That if Ma’am Lea wasn’t there in front of me, I would’ve landed with my face on the ground. If I were not to stay on our staff house I had to go home injured and alone. If my officemates were not with me, I would’ve prepared meal for myself, again injured. I just had an accident, that’s all. But I was never left alone, not by God.

Writing this, I realized more things but it all points out to God always being there for us. NO MATTER WHAT. I still wouldn’t want for this accident to happen but it already did. I just have to face the coming days and carry with me the message that God gave through this incident. Always remember, you are being blessed each day. every breath you take is God’s gift. Choose to look at things at the brighter side.

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