That feeling

This is a common scenario nowadays especially to teenagers. I admit, upon seeing this on Tumblr, I instantly thought of somebody I used to know, well, I’m not sure if I really knew him but he used to tell me things about his lovelives hahahaha anyways regarding this photo, I know a lot of you can relate to this. This is very true to most people my age and I’m glad that I’m not one of them. 🙂

Having someone to love you is the most beautiful thing that can happen in somebody’s life. Well, next to life itself of course. But in terms of being in love and being loved in return, who wouldn’t be very glad?

It’s like being able to walk in a street with your  eyes closed and be confident that you’re not in danger because somebody is with you, guiding and protecting you. Somebody who will understand your flaws and loves you despite your untied messy hair. Someone who will not tolerate but will accept the wrong things that never intended to do.

To be continued… 🙂





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2 thoughts on “That feeling

  1. i actually saw this in my fb. good thing I’m not one of it xD well of course, i know that kind of feeling. It hurts but you cannot do anything about it. except for the fate xD

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