Teacha, I…miss…plends.

plends = friends /f/, /r/

If you are or were a Neungyule teacher, you will understand this at first glance. But if not, let me explain it briefly.

In Neungyule, we teach Korean students how to use the English language in their daily lives. We don’t go much into the principles but we make sure that we are able to provide new information after each class. And the equation thingy above is an example of that. Those are called ‘encodings’. A part of the teaching so that the students will be able to note about their pronunciation and grammar errors as well as the proper way to say it.

In my almost two months of stay in this company, I have never felt so bored than last Friday. When I did less things than I usually do.

Which made me miss the only persons whom I have easily learned to get along with from the start. I have said this a lot of times but there really is something about them, I don’t know what, but they are so special to me now.

Maybe there really are persons that are just like that. Maybe it’s in their personality. Besides I haven’t really met such persons. They were able to understand me even if we’re just a few weeks in each others’ company. I admire their sense of humor, the clever jokes that we pass on to each other and the happiness that they bring. The I-have-never-felt-like-this-before happiness if I may say.


Now that we can rarely see each other, I became afraid of what will happen to me as I continue my Neungyule life without them. I even dreaded that they might forget me. Honestly, it pains my heart even until now.

Good thing, the signs have been very clear into relaying the messages to me. Yes, I value them a lot and our shift differences should not change that. Even if their pleasantry towards may change, I will still consider them as my most valued friends. I miss them every minute. I can only hope they knew.

In this world, people really come and go. I have proven that a couple of times. The big difference comes from the way of dealing with the loss or departure. We cannot tie all the people that we love on our waists just because we got used to always being with them. People are people. We learn from different experiences. Take goodbyes as a challenge of becoming the most of what the people in your life have brought you. No matter how long or short they stayed in your life.


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