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February 26, 2011


Last February 14, Valentine’s Day, a post from Owl City’s blog shocked a lot of readers around the world. The post was entitled Dear Taylor. (click the title to read the post)


To us, avid Owl City fans, the post was not a surprise because it has been a news that Taylor wrote a song for Adam. The song was Enchanted, the 9th track in Taylor Swift’s Speak Now album. It’s not really the post that surprised me but Adam Young’s cover of the song. It drove me crazy! Really, really crazy as if the song was dedicated to me. I felt that way for a couple of weeks and I’ve been playing Adam’s version of Enchanted every single time. I nearly forgot about the original version of Taylor Swift.


The thing that I’m most proud of about me and other Owl City fans is that we never wanted to kill Taylor Swift because of Adam liking her. Unlike other fans out there. 😉 And so that made me happier.


But now, as i read these numerous post in Tumblr about Taylor dating this Glee guy, my heart got broken in an instant. This is what we are all been afraid of — Adam’s heart to be broken by Taylor Swift. Since the Enchanted days, we fans all talk about how Adam and Taylor look cute together and we are so proud of Adam by doing such move. Of course, he really is a shy boy and for him to do that, it probably or surely took him a lot of courage.


And Taylor will just break his heart? She’ll date others guys when there is an ADAM YOUNG that’s adoring her so much? How come!


I don’t know if I’m still happy about this. ;(

I hate to hate Taylor but I love Adam, you know. I wish everybody was wrong. I wish Adam’s heart is not broken because of Taylor going out with another guy.


I don’t know the whole story though.


Let’s just be the fans that we used to be. Supportive, sweet, appreciative and optimistic just like our idol. Let us not be the possessive fans other artist have. Let us not make Adam ashamed of us. Don’t hate guys. If Adam doesn’t, we shouldn’t either. Let’s just keep calm and blame it to Dinkleberg! LOLJK


Stay positive! All things bright and beautiful coming on May 24! Let’s just keep our attention on that. ;)))


Everything will be alright. Or let’s just hope nothing was really wrong. 😉


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