Taking precautions

Last week, I came home late because I was discussing about our thesis with my groupmates and it took us hours to come up with concepts on our topics. We still don’t have a concrete thesis topic but we have bits of information that we are planning to consult with our adviser. So, about coming home late. I was crossing the highway at about 12:30am. For a 2o year old, I admit I am still not that confident in  crossing streets alone but that time, I just have to. I looked both sides before taking a step and after my second, I heard a loud thud which made me take a couple of steps back. I searched for the origin of the sound and found a motorcycle in the middle of the highway adjacent to where I was standing. No body was present which made me conclude that the crash was too intense that  it either flew the motorcycle away from the driver or the other way around. And then I began seeing people coming towards a certain spot on the other side of the street which I conclude holds the body of the driver.

After the shock subsided, I immediately took giant steps to reach the other side of the street as fast as I can. I am thankful to see that the driver isn’t harmed that much, he can still stand properly and went to pick up his motorcycle aided by a security guard.

It was raining too hard that day which made the floor slippery which probably caused the accident. Good thing that the driver was wearing what seemed like scorpion motorcycle helmetsto guide his journey. That simple act of safety saved that man’s life. Taking precautions might really mean our life or death.

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