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A man of few wordsBut your music is dictionaryYour wit’s out-of-this worldIt makes you extraordinary Your smile was a rare sightBut once seen, angels took flightYou turn your flaws into plusIt’s a feat that inspires most of us Chickens,Kitty cats,Vintage tees,And guitarsWe love everything that makes who you are. Used to feel smallBut dreams tallFirst, A’TIN’s hearts,Next the world.Ken Suson, conquer it all. Happy birthday, Ken!

Fangirl Diaries: From a closet fan to a proud A’Tin

Last 2016 po kasi… Haha charot My journey with SB19 began when I first saw their Go Up music video on my recommended in Youtube some time in January this year (2020).I already knew about the group since they’ve been making noise through their recent achievements in music charts but only then did I voluntarily decide to watch them. Since that day of allowing my curiosity get through me, I also unconsciously allowed SB19 to my system. I honestly liked their music and couldn’t deny that they perform so well yet I never considered myself a fan. Maybe because I’ve