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Fangirl Diaries: A cake for you, Ken Suson

Knowing you fancy cakes so much, I knew I would I want to give you one one day. If fortunate enough, I’d like to give one on your actual birthday. I already knew when, but I was not sure how.

Months of anticipating turned to weeks and I just saw myself ordering a minimalist chocolate cake with a cat design. Bitterly thinking I could eat it anyways if it won’t get to you.

With the littlest of luck, I turned to Twitter and Ken, was I overwhelmed? It came to my rescue weeks before your birthday. The perfect place where I found people who share the same love for you.

A project called 24 CAKES FOR KEN SUSON was formed through the collaboration of different SB19 fanbases within the A’Tin fandom. It is a project dedicated to you. To celebrate your previous birthdays when you lack its very symbol —a cake. I had a tiny glimpse of hope that I might actually be able to fulfill this personal goal of mine. I signed up to the project with the help of my then found A’Tin friends.

I only wanted to show my appreciation to you. For being my inspiration during the tough times. To give back a portion of the happiness that you were able to partake on me. I never knew my simple cake would be a part of something bigger. Just as it should for someone as worthy as you.

I am grateful to be given a part in this birthday project! Here it is, my birthday message and a cake for nine year old Felip Jhon.

These cakes are just symbols of how loved you are. I wish people can be more open to knowing your story and how you made it to where you are now. Years ago, you would celebrate your birthday with pancit canton after playing basketball with your friends. You would be overwhelmed with a simple store-bought cake given to you as a surprise. Now, you have so many people celebrating your birthday from all-over the world.
You deserve all this and more. You deserve all the love, Ken.

I hope you get to use all your blessings for the right things as well.


A man of few words
But your music is dictionary
Your wit’s out-of-this world
It makes you extraordinary

Your smile was a rare sight
But once seen, angels took flight
You turn your flaws into plus
It’s a feat that inspires most of us

Kitty cats,
Vintage tees,
And guitars
We love everything that makes who you are.

Used to feel small
But dreams tall
First, A’TIN’s hearts,
Next the world.
Ken Suson, conquer it all.

Happy birthday, Ken!

SB19 surprises fans with another ‘first’ project

Following their animated music video for their ballad song, Hanggang sa Huli and a successful full-length online global live concert, PPop superstars SB19 are yet to release another “first” project for their fans this year. An anticipated but puzzling announcement had the fans guessing what could the date 12-18-2020 mean.

Far from what most fans claimed it would be —which is a Christmas song— but true to what SB19 has been serving through their entire career, the new project is indeed an unexpected but exciting one. Because this time, they will not (only?) be singing or dancing but SB19 will be acting for a Christmas short film as well!

The official poster revealed that the short film will be starred by SB19 themselves along with Jenny Yeo, a Youtube content creator in the Philippines. Justin’s brother Julian de Dios will be acting as well and another Youtuber, KristyPata.

The short film will premiere on December 18, 2020, Friday.

Original photo used in header from SB19 Official.