Fangirl Diaries: From a closet fan to a proud A’Tin

Last 2016 po kasi… Haha charot

My journey with SB19 began when I first saw their Go Up music video on my recommended in Youtube some time in January this year (2020).
I already knew about the group since they’ve been making noise through their recent achievements in music charts but only then did I voluntarily decide to watch them. Since that day of allowing my curiosity get through me, I also unconsciously allowed SB19 to my system. I honestly liked their music and couldn’t deny that they perform so well yet I never considered myself a fan. Maybe because I’ve seen so many Filipino performers attempt to venture on a KPop-isnpired genre but in my liking, failed big time. Yet Go Up would play on my head for days and I’d sing it every so randomly.

That’s when I knew, SB19 impact on me never left.

Photo credits: ShowBT Entertainment

Due to KPop fan stereotypes though, I remained a closet fan for months. Until Ms. Corona’s reign befell the nation carrying all the inconveniences under her wings. And boom, we were all LOCKED DOWN. With the pending work responsibilities at the back of my head, my family’s health in danger, stress piled up in an instant. That’s when Youtube and Mobile Legends became my therapy. And surprise, surprise! Youtube recommended Go Up again. I remember scrollilng past through it so many times when I can just choose “Not interested” or “Don’t recommend this channel.” But I didn’t…

That time we all have time to do the things we can’t when work and school were top priorities than our health and sanity… I gave in.
I watched Go Up first, as if trying to confirm if I actually am stanning a Filipino boygroup after all the denial and the non-existent cringe. And again, I didn’t hate it. In fact, I started watching their other MV and vlogs as well.

Screencap from SB19 Official Youtube channel

I must say, SB19 vlogs really helped in showcasing what these talented boys have more. Their varying personalities is what I loved most. While TALENT is already written in their forheads, their personalities offstage radiate that combination of jolliness and intellect that successful Filipino entertainers possess. They will keep one entertained simply by struggling to guess a single-word titled song or playing a Lie-detector game and accusing the device itself of lying. Their humor is never forced nor scripted, add to it the awesome output by the video editors. Kudos, SB19 Team!!!!
I can go on and on from here but I suggest you see it for yourself by visiting their Youtube channel.

And so… with their charm and wit that I couldn’t resist, I finally admitted to myself… the SB19 fever finally hit me. The only fever I’d openly accept this quarantine, though. I’d like to say it wasn’t fatal until I came accross Ken’s Location cover and from then on I considered myself as an A’Tin in Ken’s poultry. 🖤

I hope to meet more A’Tin, too! Let’s fangirl together. ^^,

Took me months of LSS-ing on Go Up but yep, proud A’TIn here! Love Goes is now a fave.