Warning: This posts is full of rage if you hate the blogger you might as well not continue reading for you might hate her more (else you want it  to be that way?)

I’ve read different opinions about gay people and how the society treat the majority of them and for me, it’s disgusting.

If you want respect to be given to you, be willing to give it to others too.

People, no matter how we look, speak, dress, walk and talk, we are people. We live in the same planet, breathe the same air and dream under the same stars so why is there a need to criticize others to the point of destroying their reputations?

If you consider pointing fingers at other people and talking about them at their backs just for your own enjoyment then you deserve to be hated. Why? Because you don’t have respect on yourself either. You wouldn’t do things that will destroy your image if you respect yourself and being rude to people on the third sex is not a good thing therefore vandalizing YOUR own reputation. Keep this in mind, if people hate you, it’s not a very good response to hate them too but a better way is to prove them wrong.

You don’t hate somebody just like that! You shouldn’t judge somebody just because of his sexual preference. There’s more to a person than his sexuality. I mean, this is really driving nuts. Calling names to somebody who’s gay is just so bullshit like who the hell are you? Let me just remind you that you are not perfect just as anybody else in this world which happen to be the place where those “abnormal creatures” that you call also live. Offending their sexual preference just to prove your point is just like being the backseat driver. Your opinion is pointless, unwanted, mean, offensive, below the belt and beyond the pale.

Let me add that being straight doesn’t make you a good person, being humble does. Lower your pride. It’s good for the heart.