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Travelling solo down under

Heading south of the equator offers some of the most exciting travel destinations on earth. From Australia’s cosmopolitan cities to Papua New Guineas’ tropical paradise and the Philippines’ vibrant local culture – there’s no shortage of things to see and do down under. Journeying to these destinations solo can be a fun and rewarding travel style. Yet like all parts of the globe, there are a few things to consider which will ensure your trip

Manila Twilight 3, please?

October 26th of  the year 2011, Owl City visited the Philippines to promote his latest album then — All Things Bright and Beautiful. The ATBAB Tour was attended my such passionate Owl City fans from all over the Philippines and I am proud to say that I am one of them. I was there. I attended the second concert of Owl City here in the Philippines with excitement in my heart and an Owl City tattoo