By on January 25, 2012

I want to conduct a giveaway before this blog bids goodbye.

Because according to my ever thoughtful friend to whom this domain came from, will expire on the 13th of March and I, being unable to renew it wanted to at least send my thanks to those who supported me for a year through a giveaway.

I already bought some prizes to be given away but I am planning to buy more. I don’t really know if anyone would like the stuff that I bought but I like them so if nobody wants to have it, I can own it. Haha!

I am very excited to buy the prizes that I forgot to plan how will my giveaway actually flow. Being a newbie blogger, I don’t have enough resources to attract participants and I don’t even know how will I be able to send the prizes. Seriously, I haven’t done online shopping or this shipping thingy. The only bank related thing that i know is paying my tuition fee that’s why I am having a hard time planning this giveaway as much as I wanted it to happen.

I am planning to giveaway online but then again, lack of resources. Gaaah!

I know to those who have read my posts, maybe you are already irritated by my constant complains of having no money and all. But that is the truth, I have money in my wallet but none on my Paypal. I already bought gifts but I don’t have shipping fund.

I hope this blog gets a peaceful end. Haha! I still wish I can pursue my giveaway even though 2 months of preparation seem not enough for me. 🙁

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