How I verified my contributions via PagIbig Chat Support

Having been working for a lot of different companies these past three years, it’s quite embarrassing that I only got serious in keeping a watch on my monthly contributions/salary deductions on my fourth employment. If not for this tax calculator website, I wouldn’t be aware as to where my hard-earned money goes.

bir tax calculatorComparing the mentioned website’s results to the deductions indicated on my actual pay slip, the results are all exact except my PagIbig contribution result. I was alarmed because my pay slip shows a higher value.

Since I am not that aware with these stuff before, I just started asking questions lately. I researched on how I can verify my monthly remittances and I found out that unlike SSS and PhilHealth, PagIbig does not have an online database where an individual can check their contributions. Most of the results were suggestions to visit PagIbig personally. Some pointed me to PagIbig Fund’s email address which I initially planned to reach had I not explored PagIbig Fund’s website more.

contact us

Posted on the CONTACT US page of PagIbig Fund’s website, are the different ways on how to reach them.



On the left side bar are the following contact details:

  • PagIbig chat support –
  • PagIbig hotline – 724-4244
  • PagIbig Facebook Page –
  • PagIbig Youtube Channel –
  • Mailing address
  • Different forms
  • PagIbig Office Directory

A map of the PagIbig Support Services and Housing Group can be found on the page’s content area along with their email address and email form.


Having not emailed them yet, I tried the PagIbig Chat Support first. Though my expectations for this feature were low because I have tried different chat supports before only to be instructed to call or visit branches in the end.

A small blue green chat window greeted me as I clicked the chat support button on PagIbig’s CONTACT US page. I entered my info and was lead to the chat introduction where different codes were to entered depending on the individual’s concerns.

chat support

Since my concern is about my contributions, I used the keyword “CONTRI”. Afterwards I was instructed to input my identification information. The processing of info in this part is quite slow so I suggest to wait until the following question appeared and do not re-enter the info you previously entered because once the next question appears, the info you re-entered will be the answer to it which won’t match since its a different question already. Continue to answer the incoming questions and wait until your details are verified by a Member Relations Officer via chat.



In my situation, I want to verify the real amount of my contribution. So I asked the Member Relations Officer about it. During our conversation, I learned the following:

  • The minimum contribution to PagIbig is 100 pesos.
  • The employer counterpart is equivalent to the employee’s contribution.
  • The total contribution of an individual per month is 200 pesos at minimum.
  • An individual may opt to pay higher than 100 provided that his employee approves of it.

Now, the answer to my confusion, as to why my pay slip shows a higher value is that the tax calculator only shows the minimum contribution. However, in our company, we are being deducted 2% of our salary which explains the difference and is now totally fine for me now that I know where my money goes.

So that’s it. I was able to verify my contribution just by typing my inquiry via chat. I have never been satisfied with chat support such as this. The only thing lacking is that they haven’t developed the feature to send the conversation log via email once that chat ended. It would be a great supporting document especially when there’ll be errors to be dealt with. I hope they could develop that feature soon. But overall, PagIbig Fund’s Chat Support is really a helpful feature.