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Manila Twilight 3, please?

October 26th of  the year 2011, Owl City visited the Philippines to promote his latest album then — All Things Bright and Beautiful. The ATBAB Tour was attended my such passionate Owl City fans from all over the Philippines and I am proud to say that I am one of them. I was there. I attended the second concert of Owl City here in the Philippines with excitement in my heart and an Owl City tattoo on my face.

That night was the greatest night of my life. Really. If I can relive one moment in my entire life, I would go back to that day when I hugged the man who I always stalk in Twitter and Tumblr, the origin of my desire to create such social networking accounts. Yes, I forgot to mention I won a Meet and Greet Pass from MCA Music and that converted my dreams to reality.

And now, Twitter updates surprised Owl City fans all over the world when he announced that he’s shooting for a music video. Music video equals new single and new single means new album. A spark was lit, new album may lead to promo tours and concerts. This is the moment! The chance to relive what happened on October 26, 2011.

I prayed and prayed that Philippines will be included in the tour. I joined trending parties and bought his newest singles in the hope of getting those in the charts which will encourage Adam to see us again, his PH HootOwls.

The Tour dates were announced. I scrolled to see the bottom part which the Asian countries were usually scheduled but to my dismay, no Manila or Philippines was listed. I desperately searched for a next page button but failed to see one. I almost gave up but then, fellow fans were very encouraging and full of hope so I held my grip on hope tighter. This is just another challenge to prove that we deserve to be visited by Adam and I am willing to support OwlCityPh’s ways on promoting his music so he can see us again.

More effort, much more prayers!

Go Owl City Philippines! We can do this! 🙂

Another owl in the parliament

Okay, I have to admit. I Googled the “parliament” part there. Because I really don’t know how to call a group of owls. I was actually about to write “flock” but I thought, maybe the term for owls is different and I got lucky to know a new information for today. 🙂

So, another owl has found its way to my parliament.

Last Tuesday, December 21, 2011 to be exact, was the second Christmas party that I attended this year and to my never ending surprise, I got an owl stuff again! The party was actually not a party but more of a get together of me and my best friends. We are only a group of four and we gave gifts to each other so all in all, I got three gifts that day and one of them is a key chain with a little owl on it. I was so happy that I giggled like a child as I opened the most unsuspecting gift wrap ever because it was not the size of an owl accessory and not fluffy like an owl puppet. 🙂


I am loving surprises already. 🙂

Chaneth was the one who gave me this owl key chain and I was actually surprised that she knew that I like owls because we’ve been apart for four years already. 🙂

I miss them so much!