New moon journal

It’s strange sometimes when I got the inspiration to write, it’s most probably in the middle of a busy sched or in a peculiar place. Those were the times when my mind is full of ideas and my vocabulary is really productive BUT those were also the moments when a pen and paper are out of sight and reach.


So now, I’m very thankful to finally possess a journal which I painstakingly begged for my sister to give me. And here’s the story of me and my journal:


She has this “twilight saga journal set” and she’s using the Twilight now. I wanted it so bad the moment I saw that set beside her closet but I instantly didn’t think that she was going to give me one but fate stepped in and her ever-precious-boyfriend-given shades had gone missing. After a rather sweaty days of searching, she finally gave up and asked me to look for it instead.

To my surprise, she said that I  will be given 100Php if I will be able to find her shades. The money was perfect for me but all of a sudden a picture of the journal flashed before my eyes and at that same moment, I demanded for a bigger reward and that, as you have expected, is the saga journal.


To my surprise again, my sister coercively said, “Look for it first!” Which i took as a yes. With enough motivation, I started my search. I remember that I just finished taking a bath that time so I was still wearing only my towel but I looked for it anyway.

I looked inside her closet and in our messy accessories shelf – no shades.

Suddenly  I thought of looking at the top of mom’s closet  where a lot of our unused things get stacked and woollaaaa! There’s the shades! I think it didn’t took me 5 minutes. I was so lucky! 🙂

She gave me the money the next day and this journal, I think, weeks later. But it’s okay. I know it’s hard to be away from her babies. 🙂


Here's my journal. 🙂

New moon! 🙂