Lifestyle Diaries: #LolaCares

Compared to last year, more people are allowed to go outside now. People need to go to work, people need to provide for their needs. With this, a simple effort of making sure we feel well especially after going outside is just as important as staying inside. After a long day’s work, a dose of Lola Remedios Food Supplement Syrup can ease the heavy feeling and body malaise. One sachet is filled with all-natural ingredients packed to a ready-to-drink sachet.

Almost a year after quarantine, the fear that COVID-19 brings still lingers in every part of the country. It’s good that each city has been exerting effort in keeping the spread of the virus controlled but we, as citizens are the core of this efforts. As overused as it may sound, change must really start from ourselves. We must be more mindful of our physical condition and not be complacent in dealing with the unseen.

In every feeling of Lamig, let Lola Remedios provide comfort so that you a one less thing to worry about in this trying times.

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