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An Early Birthday Gift

I will be celebrating my 20th birthday on March 27! And as my Birthday Countdown widget confirms, two days from now, I will turn 20. Yay! I have always been excited for my birthday though I don’t actually hold parties or any kind of  “celebration”. I would love to but if there’s none, it’s fine with me. What excites me the most are the greetings from people especially from those whom I never expected to

Giving Back

Admit it or not, we always want to receive something for Christmas. May it be simple material gifts or the intangible things that can only be felt by the heart. This Christmas, I tried my very best to save money and buy three of the most helpful friends I have and luckily, I was able to. Jeynee, a high school friend and still very generous one. Though she has her own circle of friends, she

New moon journal

It’s strange sometimes when I got the inspiration to write, it’s most probably in the middle of a busy sched or in a peculiar place. Those were the times when my mind is full of ideas and my vocabulary is really productive BUT those were also the moments when a pen and paper are out of sight and reach.   So now, I’m very thankful to finally possess a journal which I painstakingly begged for