Have you ever had this one sleepless night when no matter how much you try not to think of someone, you cannot erase them from your mind and instead of sleeping through the night, you spend it thinking about how to get them back.

You did nothing wrong, that’s what you know yet things turned out differently from what you’ve expected, from what it should be.

Someone important in your life just changed path without you knowing the real reason. Hearsays are flying here and there but the confirmation straight from the subject is still out of the scene. Which unfortunately is the most important part of these puzzle.

So now, you spend your days troubled about what, when, how, why did she suddenly became that way. You try to show that you’re strong and that you can manage to live life without her but it’s just lacking. Something is missing even though how hard you try to continue life without that one person, you cannot deny the fact that she’s gone and sadly, took away a part of your heart.

By the way, this is generally not a love story but it can be applied.

On the lighter side, you still have your other friends who can deliver the same laughter and energy just as before. The ones who never fail to crack the corniest jokes yet you still laugh your heart out. You pass through rough roads which is a part of growing up. What’s more important is that you never fail to support each other. The key? It’s trust and respect. When somebody in the group feels left out, it’s better that there’s someone who’s sure to cheer him up. There’s should never a somebody who faces the challenges alone.

I don’t know if anything from what I’ve said is useful but I suggest one thing, talk about it. Just between your circle only. No second or third parties this time just you. Say everything. Tell the things that hurt you and the things that you didn’t understand from the start. Renew the friendship. DON’T MIND OTHER PEOPLE for now because they are contaminating your beautiful relationship. Decide on what’s more important, PRIDE or FRIENDSHIP. You’ve gone too far to be ruined by a not so clever misunderstanding. Talk about it, respect each others decisions and live freely without HATE in your hearts. Reset? It’s easier if you call on Him first. He’s always listening.